Mazatlan’s citizen consultation vote for Carnival is February 6 and not this Sunday


Said exercise is programmed to feel the pulse of the citizens regarding the celebration of King Momo given the high rate of infections due to the fourth wave of Covid-19.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The municipal president of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that the citizen consultation was scheduled for this Sunday where the opinion of the people would be asked to carry out the 2022 Carnival, is postponed to February 6.

“Times were not enough for us, making a consultation is not easy and doing it well, reliable, transparent, is not easy. So, those who are organizing it asked me to delay it that day and I told them; no problem,” she reported.

Benítez Torres clarified that this democratic exercise is a tool of AMLOs Fourth Transformation and those who belong to this movement, as in his case he likes to listen to the people.

“And if we were green at the traffic light and if the people said, ‘we don’t want Carnival’; there would be no Carnival,” he maintained.

The municipality insisted that this type of citizen exercise is an exercise of the 4T movement because they come to do what the people ask of them.

“If what the majority says is important, I invite people to go vote, to demonstrate,” he added.

Benítez Torres, clarified that there is a misunderstanding about the survey and it is that it is not applied to make the Carnival, but not to be done if the people do not want it.

Said democratic exercise is scheduled to feel the pulse of the citizenry on the realization of the ‘maximum party of the Mazatlecos’, due to the high rate of infections in the last two weeks derived from the fourth wave by Covid-19.


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