Mazatlán Council approves the integration of 2 citizens to the Jumapam water board


Eva Lourdes Cañedo and Felipe Aguilar will be the voice of Mazatlecos on the Jumapam Water Board once they are sworn in.

During the Ordinary Session of Cabildo #6 held this Thursday, the Building Body unanimously approved the opinion presented by the United Commissions of Citizen Participation and that of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment, so that two citizens join the expanded Council of the Jumapam, with which this organization will have a broader representation in the analysis and decision making.

The Session was headed by the Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, and the Trustee, Claudia Cárdenas Díaz, before whom Councilor Martín Pérez Torres, head of the Citizen Participation Commission, announced the result of the call that was given to meet on January 5, to select a representative from the urban area and another from the rural area, who at the request of Councilor Claudia Peña Chico, will participate for a period of one year.

“The proposals presented by the United Commissions for Citizen Participation and that of Potable Water, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment of the H. City Council of the Municipality of Mazatlán, comply with gender equality considering a citizen of the urban area and a citizen of the rural zone. Due to the aforementioned, Mr. President is requested, submit it to the consideration of the council, “said the Regidor.

In the Session, the building body also approved the opinion of the Temporary Commission for the organization of beaches and tourist areas of the H. City Council of Mazatlán for the elaboration of initiatives, reforms, modifications or additions to the regulatory norms and administrative provisions of the Municipality in relation to the commercial, ecological and tourist zoning order including the beaches, the boardwalk, the historic center among others.

On this subject, the Secretary of the City Council, Edgar González Zataráin, said that the proposal to integrate an initiative for a reform of the Municipal Government Law, which would be taken to the State Congress, will be analyzed so that the 5 Temporary Commissions that currently sit in the city council.


The Mazatlan Post