The south of Sinaloa has a new Mazatlán-Rosario tourist route


The new Mazatlán-Rosario tourist route will make you reach sites of great historical and cultural value.

MAZATLAN.- The Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa works on the development of regional routes to stimulate the movement of tourists throughout the state.

With the Mazatlán – Rosario route, tourists are expected to reach sites of high historical and cultural value.

After a tour of the areas to be promoted, the Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, and the Director of Tourism Promotion of Sectur – Sinaloa, Martín Ochoa, met with the Mayor of El Rosario, Claudia Valdez Aguilar. At the meeting, Estrella Palacios said that the state government’s tourism policy is aimed at projects with environmental and social sustainability, that is, that the benefits of tourism permeate the receiving localities.

Buscan expandir el turismo con la ruta Mazatlán-Rosario

The axis, he said, is to see how tourism can help the development of the state, and in this sense, Sectur offers municipalities, from promotion and training to advise and support in the creation of new products to diversify the tourist offer.

So that tourism is not concentrated only in traditional destinations, in coordination with the INAH delegate in Sinaloa, Servando Rojo, work is being done on the definition of tourist routes that encourage the movement of tourists throughout the state.

The idea is to arouse interest in knowing the great natural, cultural, historical, and gastronomic wealth that the localities of the state possess.

In turn, the President of El Rosario, Claudia Valdez, requested support so that tourists who arrive in Mazatlan can learn about the historical and cultural potential of the Ex-Real de Minas.

“As a municipality, we are interested in the tourist who arrives in Mazatlán coming and learning why we are a small municipality and we need the economic benefit of tourists, and it is important that they see that 40 minutes from Mazatlán there is a town that is magical and above all, which has a lot of history and a lot of culture”, said the mayor of El Rosario.

He considered that Sectur Sinaloa is essential to convince tour operators that the presence of tourists can help move the local economy.

At the meeting, it was agreed to advance on issues such as training, tourism culture, brochures, and an information module to promote the destination.

El Rosario has buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as the Church of Our Lady of El Rosario, with an impressive gold-plated altarpiece, and the Spanish cemetary, one of the oldest in Sinaloa, decisive works for obtaining the distinctive “Magic Town”. ”.

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Through guided tours, tourists can learn about the history of emblematic sites such as the Laguna del Iguanero, the Mina del Tajo, the Regional History Museum, and the Lola Beltrán Museum, dedicated to one of the greatest performers of music Mexican region.


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