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What is the reason for the presence of the school of sardines on the coast of Mazatlan? fishermen explain

Edgar Moya Acosta, leader of the artisanal fishermen, mentioned that this species is little used by the producers due to its size and the speed that its capture requires.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The arrival of schools of sardines or horse mackerel in the bay of Mazatlan is a rare event, but it can occur on some occasions a year, mainly on dates when the deep sea waters are colder, explained the leader of Artisanal fishermen of Playa Norte.

Edgar Moya Acosta, mentioned that although it is a spectacle due to the great convergence of seagulls, frigatebirds, and pelicans feeding a few meters from the beach shore, the species is little used by producers, especially due to its size, little marketable, less than 20 centimeters.

“Because the water is already changing its temperament, the fish are like bears, well, they hibernate in cold weather, and when their temperament changes to warm waters, they come out, no, it is very difficult because that school has to The capture will be quick and we, from here until we activate, no, we are not prepared for that capture”.

Moya Acosta commented that fishermen who catch sardines or horse mackerel regularly return it to the sea alive, although some do arrive at the bay with one or two buckets to sell it, however, it is little used because its meat has a dark pigmentation and people “make him ugly”.

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