Pulmonia driver sanctioned for overcharging a tourist 5,000 pesos


* He has been sanctioned and they returned money

*Requirement of fees in view of the user

All carriers, from urban buses to pulmonías and aurigas, have the commitment and obligation to sanitize the units daily, said Mario González, deputy delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán, recognizing that the abuses of taxi drivers continue to overcharge the passage and announced that in the next week all the providers of this service will have to place the fee rates to public view.

In the interview, the former local deputy and now a state official said that drivers of urban units who do not comply with health protocols are fined from one thousand to six thousand pesos. Road and transportation regulations must be strictly complied with, he emphasized.

The so-called “Capi” González said that a taxi driver who charged up to five thousand pesos for a taxi left to some tourists from Torreón has just been sanctioned. He indicated that he was banned from all public transport where they will not give him work and the concessionaire was also forced to return the five thousand pesos to the affected party.

He indicated that the fines for excessive ticket charges are up to two thousand pesos and they are removed from the unit for several weeks.

González reported that he carries out operations and gets into urban units and taxis to verify health protocols and the prices charged by drivers. He added that the “anti-noise” campaign is working very well.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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