Mazatlecos will take care of each other’s houses with the ‘Vecinos Vigilantes’ program


MAZATLÁN.- Commissioner Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, secretary of Public Security in the city, headed the “Vecinos Vigilantes” program, which has the objective of strengthening security and rapprochement with all the inhabitants of the La Sirena neighborhood and the subdivisions El Campestre and El Bosque.  

The idea of ​​this work program is to be able to put an end to the high rates of insecurity, family violence, among other problems that occur in the critical and marginalized points of the port, and to give more confidence to the people who live in them.  

Photo: Courtesy / Municipal Public Security Secretariat

In the La Sirena neighborhood, for example, the inhabitants of the place asked for greater vigilance from the municipal authorities, as well as the reactivation of the police booth that is located in the area, and a repair of the public lighting network on the site.  

The head of Security promised to address the needs in terms of insecurity, and quickly seek to reactivate the security booth as soon as possible.   

Photos: Courtesy / Secretary of Municipal Public Security

In the El Bosque subdivision, neighbors joined “Seguir Chat”, a telephone messaging line that provides direct attention to citizens, in addition to joining “Vecino Vigilante”. 

In the case of El Campestre, surveillance patrols were requested by the municipal police, to take care of all the people who inhabit the area.  

Present at the scene, along with the Public Safety Commissioner, were representatives of the Municipal Women’s Institute, the DIF system’s Attorney for Children and Adolescents, the Unit for the Protection of the Rights of Older Adults, Uneprevif, Internal Affairs, Compavi, Mediation and Conciliation, as well as the Municipal Public Services, Jumapam and Preventive Programs of the Ministry of Public Security in Sinaloa.  


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