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Are you ready to go to the Mocorito Sunflower Field? You will have to meet these requirements

Civil Protection trains officials to join visitor service groups.

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- Those who visit the Campo de Girasoles in Mocorito when it opens next Tuesday must abide by a series of preventive measures, in addition, the number of people who can enter together and their stay will also be limited, announced the municipal coordinator of Civil Protection, Valentín Alapizco Arce.

Training offered to municipal officials who will be integrated into tourist service groups, Alapizco Arce indicated that an extraordinary influx is expected due to the short duration of the season, and therefore they must be well prepared.

“There will be a maximum of 200 people inside, on the seven hectares, there will be 30 minutes per person there, there will be more photographic sets and more distributed so that they do not crowd people and everything is more agile in inside”.

He added that all attendees will go through the sanitary filter upon entering, where the antibacterial gel will be placed on them, and during their stay they must maintain the use of the face mask.

The officials will be integrated into the surveillance operation, who will provide health and tourism information, and will carry antibacterial gel, which they will also be placed in the Historic Center and the mill in the El Valle syndicate, which are the most visited points.

A significant influx is expected and that is why they try to be prepared to serve them and that sanitary measures are complied with at visiting points, restaurants, and hotels, said Valentín Alapizco Arce.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com, debate.com.mx

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