Sinaloa is within the five best states to invest in Mexico


Around 49 out of every 100 member companies of COPARMEX have been victims of crime throughout the country.

MAZATLAN. – In a virtual press conference, the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) announced the results of #DataCoparmex2.0, which was headed by the national president, José Medina Mora, where three important points were addressed from #MásSeguridad; #MxSinCorrupción and #AnimoParaInversión.  

He stated that from the 2 thousand 394 companies that were created, 35 percent were Micro-enterprises; that is made up of 1 to 10 workers; another 35 percent were small companies, made up of 11 to 50 workers, and only 18 percent were large companies, with more than 251 workers.

“Companies are facing a context of greater insecurity, being the theft of merchandise in transit; vehicle theft, as well as extortion of the most common crimes, showing that almost one of every two Coparmex partners nationwide, have been able to experience some insecurity problem,” Medina Mora commented.  

However, the general secretary of COPARMEX, Gerardo Trejo, commented that the spirit to invest shows an improvement in the results 53.8 percent of its partners consider that, when comparing it with the previous year, it is a great moment to invest, meaning an increase of 16.9 percentage points from the previous year.  

“This is good news, however, it has not yet translated into higher gross fixed investment, since it is stagnant, since the latest gross fixed investment indicator shows that, from September to October 2021, gross fixed investment remained stagnant ”, indicated Trejo. 

The states with a greater spirit to invest are; Quintan Roo, Campeche, Guerreros, Baja California Sur and Sinaloa. While the states with less encouragement for their investment; They are Zacatecas, Tabasco, Coahuila, Aguascalientes and Oaxaca. 

Insecurity, a latent problem

At another point, the secretary said that the #MásSeguridad indicator measures the percentage of partners who have been victims of a crime in the last period, where the most recent results show a worrying figure.  

“One of the two Coparmex partner companies have been the victim of a crime in the last year, 50.1 percent of the partners. This meant an increase of 1.8 percentage points compared to the same previous period”, he indicated.  

Trejo pointed out that according to Coparmex data, the states with the highest percentage of companies that are victims of some crime are Zacatecas with 84.6 percent; Tabasco 72.3 percent; Oaxaca 64.6 percent; Jalisco 64 percent and Nuevo León with 57.1 percent.  

Meanwhile, the states with the lowest percentage are; Coahuila 24.4 percent; Campeche 35.5 percent; Queretaro 37.5 percent; Nayarit 39.1 percent and Tamaulipas with 43.2 percent.  


The Chief Economist of COPARMEX Nacional, Mylene Cano, indicated that when measuring the percentage of partners who have been able to experience some type of act of corruption in the last year, it showed that 29.4 percent reported having experienced said act during the last year at same previous 3 points.  

The states that show the highest percentages of partners that experienced some corruption index were; Tabasco 76.6, Quintana Roo 45.5, the State of Mexico with 43, Tlaxcala with 42.6, and Chiapas with 40.4 percent. While the states that have shown the lowest percentages are Querétaro 10.8, Coahuila 11.1, Guanajuato 19.3, Hidalgo 20, and Colima 21.4 percent, respectively.  

“In Tabasco they detected that, at the municipal level, the partners answered that they experienced a type of act of corruption in 60 percent, which was somewhat higher at the municipal level compared to the national level; 32 percent did so at the state level and only 8 percent at the federal level,” added Cano.  


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