Cruise tourists and their obligatory stop, The Cathedral of Mazatlan


The Pearl of the Pacific, one of the most visited destinations in the Mexican Pacific

The arrival of cruise ships in Mazatlan has become a watershed on the economy of the port, the arrival of these visitors to the city leaves an important economic spill, as passengers and crew members take advantage of their descent to visit the most important attractions of the city and spend on average 120 dollars.

Such is the case of the basilica cathedral of the Immaculate Mazatlan, which is called the Immaculate Conception, thus becoming a mandatory stop for all people who arrive at the port by sea and other means of transport.

Its baroque style has become its main attraction, as the structure imposes beauty in the eyes of any visitor.

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Since 2021 the arrival of cruise ships and so far in 2022, the port has become one of the main destinations of large shipping companies, it should be noted that these cruise ships consider the port one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.


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