Mazatlan requires at least 15 new garbage trucks


Currently, 600 tons of waste are generated in the city per day

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In Mazatlan, at least 15 new garbage collection trucks are required to provide a better service in the city, considered the general secretary of the Union of Workers at the Service of the City Council ( Stasam ), Laura Elena Tirado Aguilar.

He acknowledged that garbage collectors have expressed their fear of working in units that have already completed their useful life.

“ For example, if they have a collection car, you know that those cars do not stop, they are 24 hours, they will stop for one hour when they make the shift connection, both day and night, they are 24 hours, what should you say? have to keep that car running? That it doesn’t lack oil, that its brakes don’t malfunction and that the landfill roads are in good condition… ”, explained the union leader.

Tirado Aguilar also said that when unionized field personnel requires equipment to carry out their work, the requisition is made to the City Hall, such as brooms, ladders, among others.

And as for the material that the worker requires to provide the service, you already know that when you leave your house you must wear a face mask, bring antibacterial gel to prevent Covid-19 infections, especially when you are out on the street.

In terms of tools and work equipment, it will depend on the area, and he gave the example that if they require brooms, they are requested, as well as shovels, wheelbarrows, or hoses in the case of Parks and Gardens.

“ We are creating synergy so that when the worker tells us, they know what is missing, we immediately contact the people or officials who are responsible for them to authorize what they are dealing with so that this unit is not left behind or is give them the service to carry out garbage collection, ”he said.

Currently, in Mazatlan, 600 tons of garbage are generated per day.

Public Services have 43 units for collection, of which 30 have already completed their useful life.


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