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Mazatlan mayor says whether in green or yellow the Carnival will take place, but not yet defined

Mazatlán.- The celebration of the International Carnival of Mazatlán 2022 is still undefined, however, the Municipal Government maintains its purpose of carrying it out if the city is green on the Epidemiological Traffic Light, assured Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Mayor Benítez said that even in the yellow color of the Semaphore, the maximum party of the Mazatlecos could be held, but with restrictions; and thanked the statements of Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, in the sense that the decision is still in the air.

“Being in green it would be done, being in yellow it could be done, but with many restrictions of all these types of restrictions. We are going to wait, there is still time, hopefully it will be for the better”, commented the Municipal President.

He reiterated that the fourth wave of infections with the SARS-Cov-2 virus is not the same as the previous ones, since the Omicron variant is less lethal, and therefore the decision will be made based on the National Health Council, which is the one that observe the behavior of the pandemic.

“They are the ones who put the color of the traffic light, that is not put by the State, the Municipality does not put it, the National Council puts it, and that is why I said that it will depend on them, because they are the ones who put the color of the traffic light ”.

The International Carnival of Mazatlan 2022, “Lanao, the journey continues”, is projected from Thursday, February 24 to Tuesday, March 1.

The Mazatlan City Council clarified about the circulation on social networks of a post in which it is established that the Mazatlan Carnival 2021 was canceled, for which they specified that said statement was issued last year, when the Mazatlan participated in a consultation that led to in the cancellation of the maximum festival of this city, so it does not correspond to its next edition, scheduled from February 24 to March 1.

If there are no conditions, the Carnival must be postponed; but not cancel

To decide it, a multidisciplinary table would have to participate, represented by the commerce and health sectors and the authorities of the 3 levels, suggested Oscar Tirado Bernal.

To decide to hold the International Carnival of Mazatlan, a multidisciplinary table would have to participate where the commerce, health sector, and the authorities of the 3 orders of Government are represented, suggested Oscar Tirado Bernal.

However, the merchant added that if the conditions are not met on the established dates for the celebration of the maximum celebration of the Mazatlecos, the most sensible thing is that it be postponed, but not canceled.

The vice president of the Board of Directors of the market, Miguel Hidalgo, maintained that said table should analyze the incidence of the increase in Covid cases, what is the degree of affectation to the population, because it is very important to maintain a balance, between health-economy

“Without health, there is no economy and to have an economy you have to take care of that health. So, right now I think it is premature to say yes or no because there is still a little way, but it will be that table that must make such a decision so that it is not at the whim or decision of a single person, “he said.

Tirado Bernal recognized that the behavior that is being seen is always with very ascending curves and then the curves that go downwards arrive.

“Fortunately, this new strain has kept people at home, without the need for hospitalization, and that is a new perspective that must be reviewed, however, the economy is affected, businesses are down and measuring all these curves with hard data, it may be that for Carnival the cases have dropped,” he said.

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