Almost there! Sinaloa’s Santa María dam advances by leaps and bounds, authorities say


irrigation and drinking water is guaranteed with the Santa María dam for the municipalities of southern Sinaloa

Escuinapa, Sinaloa. – The Government of Blanca Estela García Sánchez, municipal president of Escuinapa, reports on the progress of the great work of the Santa María dam, through Hugo Rene Fletes Montaño, operational coordinator of the Presidio Baluarte Committee (Cobalpre), who indicated that the day Friday, January 8 at noon, one of the most important events in the construction process of the Santa María Dam took place.

It is about the diversion of the Baluarte River through tunnel no.1, and with it begins to finish the cofferdam (dams) upstream, which will completely divert the river towards the 3 tunnels in the rainy and flood season.

Fletes Montaño explained that the diversion of the channel will allow free access to the river to build without any delay the main curtain of the work of 110 meters high by almost 800 meters long, where almost 1 billion cubic meters of water will be stored.

He pointed out that, when the dam is at its capacity, the town of Santa María would be underwater, so they have had the attention to relocate the residents to higher areas.

The spokesman assured that the advance is both in the dam and in the town, which was one of the main claims, also said that the land, as well as the wood, had already been liquidated.

“The two works are very advanced, the dam will irrigate 24 thousand hectares of El Rosario and Escuinapa. 60 percent is for the municipality of El Rosario and the remaining 40 percent is for Escuinapa ”, Fletes Montaño.

Another benefit of the great hydraulic work will be to cover the supply of drinking water for both municipalities and there will be significant savings in electricity consumption.

“It should be noted that the need for drinking water will also be covered, which is very important, it will no longer be necessary to pay for river electricity, it will be driven by gravity in canals to the gullies and from there it will be re-pumped, to the town.”

Freight Montaño listed that the total cost of the work is 20 billion pesos and it will be inaugurated in December 2023 by the president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The event was attended by German Martínez Santoyo, general director of Conagua; Cedric Escalante, supervisor of the work by the federal government, Ing. José Luis Montalvo, director of Conagua Sinaloa; Ing. Luis Valdez Quiroz, resident in chief of the work; Ismael Díaz Murillo president of Cobalpe, among other personalities representing Ingenieros Civiles Asociados, (ICA), Ingeniería Rocher and other participating companies and personnel from the different areas that work on the work.


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