Mazatlan Red Cross reports 50% of daily covid tests are positive call center swamped


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the arrival of the fourth wave, the attention to suspicious patients, the performance of covid tests, and the percentage of these that come out positive has begun to increase in the Red Cross, reported Jaqueline Valerio Ramos, coordinator of doctors.

In comparison, he said that in July 47 suspicious patients were treated, 318 tests were carried out, of which 116 were positive. For the month of August, there were 25 suspected cases, 54 tests were carried out, of which 18 were positive.

In October, 14 suspects were treated, 23 tests were carried out and six were positive. In November, four suspects were treated, 15 tests were carried out and none came out positive. In December, four suspected patients were treated, seven tests were carried out and none came out positive.

“So far this year we have two suspected patients, 24 tests carried out, of which 13 have been positive, more than half,” he said.

As more than 50% of the tests carried out were positive, he highlighted that this new variant is more contagious, fortunately, it is not so aggressive, but, he emphasized, the problem in Mexico is that there is a high population with comorbidities (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) and the detail, that the majority of this population is not controlled.

He indicated that so far no age or sex has prevailed, but he did emphasize that the smallest patient has been four years old.

“What can be rescued is that most of those who have come, and who have tested positive, comments that in their family all have symptoms, families of 8, 9, 10 people, but that they only sent him to find out if It was positive and to know all the others, that means that if for each test that is done there are another five positives, there is a much greater contagion, “he indicated.

This situation added, reveals that during the holidays there were social gatherings where preventive measures were put aside.

“The call to the population is the same, do not neglect the protection measures, because this will continue the pandemic until they do not have in themselves a definitive cure for the virus, we must remember that the vaccine protects us so that it does not make us as sick, in such an aggressive way and the risk of complications is reduced, but that does not mean that we are not going to get infected, “he recommended.

Do you suspect you have COVID-19? Call the Call Center, they will assist you and guide you

In this fourth wave of infections, calls from people suspected of coronavirus or with an anxiety crisis due to the pandemic have increased

Pandemic. Do you suspect you have COVID-19? Call the Call Center, they urge.

The COVID Attention Call Center continues to operate 24 hours a day serving the population of Sinaloa by telephone with health professionals, from doctors and even psychologists, so it is important that people who have a suspicion of contagion or some non-serious symptom, resort to that consultation route before saturating the medical centers, said Horus Hussein Agassini Domínguez.

The State Coordinator of the Regulatory Center for Medical Emergencies of the Ministry of Health reported that with the rebound in infections in this fourth wave, calls have also increased by around 5 times, with up to 800 calls a day, however, this figure is lower than in the previous wave, in which up to 900 daily were recorded.

“People who say that they were in contact with a person, that they want to find out if they may have the disease, within those five times more patients who have spoken to us, the possibility that it is a patient has increased almost three times. with COVID, ”he said.

He reported that calls from people with anxiety or depression have also increased at the telephone center, where psychologists provide consultation and, if necessary, the patient is referred to a medical institution.

He stressed that citizens are cared for and given the pertinent recommendations according to their situation, those who require some test to be carried out are referred to the corresponding area, they are followed up, even the people with whom they were recently close are also contacted. and that they may have been infected so that it is also monitored and, if necessary, the test is carried out.

In the case of transfers to hospitals of patients with symptoms related to COVID-19, there has been a very marked decrease, since from December 24 to date they have only transferred three patients, which is low compared to previous spikes in which there were up to 7 transfers a day.

He urged the population to continue with the necessary care to avoid infections and in case of suspicion, contact 6677130063.


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