Employee sues Mazatlán city hall for 600 million pesos


The lawsuit was made by a worker who fell from a tower and it is considered that the authority did not exercise prevention protocols.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The municipal government currently has a lawsuit for 600 million pesos from a worker who fell from a tower.

The secretary of the City CouncilÉdgar González Zaaráin, reported that this is based on the family on the fact that the authority did not exercise the Civil Protection protocols, however, he stressed that the opposite has been proven.

“The process is going well, they are demands that are bulky but that at the time, as they are difficult things to be able to give information that can hinder the process, I will speak to you in a general way, they are processes that are progressing well, they are the ones that they make more noise , ” said the municipal official.

González Zaaráin indicated that in the case of labor agreements, considerable progress has been made and it is being agreed with some people who have had lawsuits against the City Council for 6, 8, and 10 years, which have brought them practically rebounding and gaining time and what they do is to bulk them up, so they are trying to settle with them.

He recalled that before the end of the year they agreed with about 12 and now they want to do so with as many since there are about 80 cases of labor lawsuits for a total amount of about 20 million pesos.

And in the case of the property of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, the Secretary of the City Council explained that the company filed a nullity lawsuit against the acts of the Municipality on the issue of recovering the stadium.

He added that this ruling determines who is right in that sense, so if the annulment proceeds in favor of the City Council, obviously that will help a lot to speed up the recovery process.

“We are awaiting sentence, it is already in the hands of the Court and this Friday we will see when this would be.”

He showed his confidence to recover the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, and by doing so, he will see later with the Cabildo and Mayor Benítez Torres what is going to happen, but everything will be for the good of the citizens.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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