Worried about cruise ship tourists? These are the protocols they have onboard the ships


The Secretary of Tourism agreed together with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to deal with the fact that the same pandemic again affected both sources of income, both the ships and the destination.

Every week at least a couple of cruise ships visit us with thousands of people on board, but do you know what protocols they follow? And what is the mechanism that they carry before approaching and visiting each city? here we tell you a bit.  

To begin with, according to the president of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, FCCA, 95 percent of the guests are vaccinated, in addition to 100 percent of the crew, and before boarding a ship, in their place of origin, Covid-19 tests are carried out to determine if they suffer from it or not, even those who bring symptoms are analyzed.  

This was said during a meeting that the Ministry of Tourism and the FCCA had to speak, precisely, about the fourth wave and the strategies that could work together to deal with infections.  

Juan José Ruiz González, director of Special Projects, mentioned that the cruise ships have health protocols of the highest level than any other means of transport, that is, any ship on this line that touches, Mazatlán or Topolobampo, is well protected.  

“At the first symptom, everyone undergoes tests and before getting on the ship, they must present a negative test made two days in advance; The crew is tested every three days, and in case of contagion they are quarantined and cannot be returned to work until they give two negative tests in a row ”, he declared.  

During the trip 

Ruíz González pointed out that, during the trip, the crew always wear a mask and also the guests in closed spaces; Cruise passengers undergo tests if they so decide and in the event of any symptoms they are isolated to avoid contagion, therefore, it is difficult for a passenger to go down to a destination if they are sick.  

The meeting commented on possible joint actions to increase the number of arrivals to Mazatlán and Topolobampo, and extend the cruise seasons, even receiving some ships in summer. 

“The goal is that the guests of the boats can have longer stays specifically in Mazatlán, since we have always sought that the cruise ships can spend the night here,” said the state director.  

It is currently unknown how many ship arrivals there will be during this month, as the Integral Port Administration has not yet uploaded its arrival calendar on its official website.  

Source: punto.mx

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