Warning pirate pulmonias appear in Mazatlan


Roads and Transportation detects at least three units that made excessive charges, two have already been detained

MAZATLÁN.- Are you careful with the pirates who walk around Mazatlán? Yes, be very careful, because now piracy has reached the famous pulmonias in the city, which begin to do their thing by making excessive charges against tourists, which generates a bad image for the destination and for the carriers themselves.  

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán, Mario Rafael González Sánchez, reported that at least three “pirate” pulmonia services have been detected in the vehicular traffic of the port, which have charged trips with too high prices.  

He stated that in one of these units, its driver made an exaggerated charge to visitors who were walking through the port, something that outraged the tourists, who quickly filed the complaint with the corresponding instance.

“We already have a complaint where we are looking for a lungworm who made a collection of a stratospheric amount, and apparently it is not an official pneumonia, it is a pulmonia that they call ‘pirates’, we are looking for it, the same organizations are the ones that will help us “, He said.  

The official pointed out that two of the three units have already been detained, and only one needs to be identified to find the driver who abused the prices, which according to the report were around 5,000 pesos for a ride.  

They closed 2021 with more than 100 fines  

The delegate reported that during the last month of 2021, approximately 130 administrative infractions were applied, where only four of them were classified as serious for incurring in other aspects such as violence and accident. 

Source: punto.mx, losnoticieristas.com

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