Tourists decide to say goodbye to 2021 in Mazatlán


The influx of tourists increased this week, noticeable in the number of people circulating on the streets, traffic and mobility in hotels, reported businessman José Ramón Manguart Sánchez

MAZATLÁN.- They say that receiving the year away from home and on vacation is good luck, that more trips await you for the following year and it seems that this happens in Mazatlán, with hotels at their maximum occupancy, restaurants with a flow of diners and a lot of tourists walking.

Thus, New Year’s week becomes more intense than Christmas week, and the tradition is that families enjoy Christmas Eve at home, opening gifts and reheating is something that also works as coexistence.

But saying goodbye to the year and receiving a new one is more party, more music, more relaxation among family and friends, that is why mobility has been noticeable since last Monday, intensifying to this day.

Precisely with this context, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the “Tres Islas” hotel association, mentioned that occupations were achieved 100 percent.

“Surely we will be exceeding 75 percent, with the possibility that this will increase based on the same flow of reservations and last minute decisions, it will be a good closing of the year,” he said.

The question is constant, who stops Mazatlán? Its attractions have become more popular, its boardwalk as a recreation area is the favorite of both locals and tourists, the gastronomy falls in love and its beaches enchant, so that is why it continues to position itself, after almost a century as a tourist destination.

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, predicts an excellent end of the year for all these sectors involved, restaurant, hotel and service providers, not for nothing and for the second consecutive year, “the Pearl of the Pacific” , was crowned as the first place in hotel occupancy in the country.

Aquarium with long lines before entering to meet penguins, locals and markets with people looking for shirts with the legend of “Mazatlán”, eager to hang out as a family and with their shirts up and down and a lighthouse that has the doors open so that you sit on top of the world.

“A very important closing of the year is expected for all sectors, Mazatlán has a very important hotel occupancy for this closure, obviously the restaurateurs and hoteliers, tourist servers expect a favorable closure,” he said.

There will be 1,500 new rooms by the end of 2022

One of the issues of Mazatlán, as time goes by, is the availability of rooms, new hotels that join this development and thus be able to stay at the forefront together with destinations such as Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Velarde Cárdenas explained that at least 12 new hotels will be coming next year, of which 8 will be finished by 2022, that is, 1,500 more rooms will be achieved than there are.

“That is going to be a great incentive, one of the limitations to have greater growth is the number of rooms and with this we are going to grow 20 percent in occupancy with 1,500 more rooms by the end of the year,” he commented.

Currently, Mazatlán ranges from 10,000 to 10,500 rooms, in addition to condominium towers and apartment and vacation rental rents.


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