Sinaloan Marcos Cuevas fulfills his dream of working at NASA


With a “shell” the lunar houses will be protected

At 23, Marcos Cuevas Bojórquez was selected in one of the calls to work at NASA, and out of 130 participants, only 60 were selected, and among them was the young man from Guasave.

After three months of hard work to meet the filters, he received a notification stating that he was one of 130 entrants who would compete against each other to present the best project in Huntsville, Alabama.

You should know that Marcos Cuevas was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua but was raised in Guasave, Sinaloa. He explained that since he was two years old he always wanted to be an astronaut.

Following that dream, he found a project that NASA had launched and did not hesitate to apply to be able to compete for a position.

In the filters, they put their physical and mental prowess to the test; carrying out projects to solve different problems.

Upon being chosen, his stay at NASA was to form a team of 16 Mexicans and be able to solve an existing problem on the Moon. Marcos explained that his project focused on creating a mechanism resistant to lunar dust, radiation, and extreme temperatures, which are deadly for humans.

In such a way that the “Huurich” project acts like a concha, reacting to temperature, dust, and radiation levels through a circular motion, to protect the houses that will be on the moon in the coming years.

Just like Marcos, don’t give up in the midst of adversity, keep going because dreams do come true.


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