The Day of the Holy Innocents goes unnoticed by tourists and locals


On December 28, April Fools’ Day is celebrated. That is why during this date it is common to see the media publish or tell false or exaggerated news, or call friends to tell them some non-existent event or other lies, but, after a while, tell them the truth with phrases such as: «You fell innocent little dove» or «that innocence is worth to you», “innocent little dove that you let yourself be fooled», accompanied by many laughs.

But today Mazatlan and tourists, who mostly went unnoticed this day of the Holy Innocents, believed that playing this type of joke on family and friends is not to their liking, much less performing them.

During the survey, some people who did receive this type of joke, reacting by a majority to those of their bosses, such as “Raising the salary” “Stop working” and even missing work, but that, they avoided at all costs to lend money, so as not to lose it.

After the celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas, it is time to commemorate the Day of the Holy Innocents, which although it is a biblical date that commemorates the disappearance of the newborns of Judea by King Herod, here it is customary to “play” jokes, so be careful, today you can make one, or be the protagonist of one of them; so enjoy a day full of joy and innocence.


The Mazatlan Post