Mazatlan trash services pick up over 600 tons of garbage over Christmas holidays daily


It was at night on those days that the greatest amount of waste was generated

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The tonnage in garbage reached its maximum number this past weekend by collecting 643 tons in just one day, acknowledged the director of municipal Public Services, Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga.

“They have been exceeding 600 tons that reached 643 and there was a slight rise on Saturday, we went lower, but I think that it is rather at night where more garbage was produced, where more garbage was generated”, reported.

Morales Lizárraga, said that beyond the world of garbage that is being generated by the time of year, there have been no more complications in the collection because the personnel who work for the Urban Cleaning department work with great effort and dedication to what everything can be considered within the normal.

He recognized that it is important to have the Public Services areas well covered and well strengthened in relation to material and human capital to make the service to citizens more efficient.

“We have been working very well with what we have, but if we are stronger it would be much better if we could provide an even better service than what is provided,” he said.

In the same sense, the local official added that they are currently working with 42 routes, however, the intention is to open more routes once there are trucks available to reach 50, which is what should be done.

“With these I think we would improve the collection service a lot and above all, the colleagues who have these long routes, would stop having that heavy load that represents a long route,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post