Mazatlan Mayor will fight to reverse cruise ship cancelation by state government


Mazatlán, Sinaloa. A few days ago the descent of a significant number of cruise passengers was avoided, for allegedly several infected with Covid-19 onboard.

After the Ministry of Health announced the cancellation of the arrival of tourist cruises to Sinaloa, the Municipal Government of Mazatlán will seek that the State Government reverse the decision taken.

When the descent of a significant number of cruise passengers was recently suspended, for allegedly infected with Covid-19, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, acknowledged that it would be the worst thing that would happen to Mazatlán, the cancellation of these ships with international tourists.

“It would be the worst thing that happened to Mazatlán, because we have fought so hard for them to return; a bad decision taken can cause us a lot of damage to the city, “he said.

He acknowledged that it is not the same that these vessels do not enter a city like Los Mochis as that they do not enter Mazatlán, because they represent only 4 percent of tourism in Sinaloa, while the port represents 80 and that is the difference.

Mayor Benítez Torres said that he maintains constant communication with the corresponding authorities at the 3 levels of Government, as well as with the authorities of the shipping companies, and is practically about to be finalized so that that cruise that did not arrive in Mazatlán, returns.

“There is already a national resolution on the subject, at one in the morning it was issued and there they tell us under what conditions we can allow cruise ships to arrive and based on that we are looking for you to know it, in fact, we already sent it to the Governor (Rubén Rocha Moya), so that he may authorize us to receive the ship ”, he advanced.

He said that among the most important recommendations made to them is that if there are infected, do not go down, as well as if a case is suspected on board, the tests are applied and if it is positive, the passenger does NOT disembark.


The Mazatlan Post