Mexicali Man shows off his Spider-Man tickets on Facebook and has his QR code is stolen


“They went overboard,” lamented the Spider-Man fan

In social networks, the case of a man from Mexicali who was so excited to buy his tickets for the movie Spider-Man: No way home went viral that he shared the receipt of his purchase. When he went to the premiere, he discovered that someone else had used his QR code.

On November 30, Daniel shared with his contacts on Facebook, in a public post, that he had purchased passes to see Spider-Man: No way home. The purchase receipt included a confirmation code and the QR code valid for four tickets, two adults, and two children.

“He has already become champions !!! No lines or anything !!!! “

Several days later, on December 16, Daniel posted a photo of himself sitting in a shopping plaza and the following text:

“They went overboard, I never thought that someone could be like that … They stole the QR code of the tickets … Anyway, life goes on and I hope those people do well and need them more than me.”

Both of this man’s posts went viral and have generated thousands of reactions and comments. While many felt sorry for Daniel or sympathized with his situation, others mocked his calamity.

Although there is nothing wrong with sharing your purchases online, the reality is that there are many unscrupulous people who can take advantage of the naivety of people on social networks. In this case, there is a very important lesson :

If it is a ticket for an event (such as a movie function, a concert, or a trip) make sure that your image does not show the barcode or the QR code. That code is your access to the event, and it is only enough for someone else to print it or take a “screenshot” of it to steal your ticket.


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