Two suspected cases of Omicron being monitored in Sinaloa


The Secretary of HealthHéctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, announced at a press conference that there are two possible infections of the Ómicron variant of Covid-19 in Sinaloa.

A Mazatlan couple, who are already isolated in a hospital in Navolato. It is about a 33-year-old young man and his wife, who live in Mexico City and attended a wedding in Guadalajara.

“A few days ago we had a patient here too, a 33-year-old male patient who arrived on a flight to Mexico City to Mazatlán, this patient is from Mazatlán just who lives in Mexico City and it was on the 13th of this month when he arrives here, on the 15th he travels from Mazatlán to Guadalajara, later in Culiacán on the 16th he begins with symptoms, a PCR test is done and it comes out positive and until now what we have presumptively is that it is an Omicron variant “, points out Héctor Melesio.

The Secretary of Health mentioned that there is a high probability that it is the Omicron variant since the young man had recently traveled to France.

“They went to a wedding in Guadalajara and the funny thing was that six people got sick from the wedding, however, as the symptoms happened from one day to the next, there is a window where the virus is incubated, that is why we suspect that it is not it was at the wedding, that this was already brought from Mexico “

Likewise, he explained that there are high probabilities that it is the Omicron variant since the young man had recently traveled to France recently.

“Yes, because he was in France 15 days ago, so there is suspicion, epidemiological follow-up, but presumptively he gave us this variant, presumptively missing the sequencing,” he said.

He mentioned that the Hospital that attended the case did not do the right thing, since it did not immediately contact the Health Secretariat and the rule was violated.

He added that the wife is also ill and they are in isolation.

“The wife is also sick, she got sick too and right now she is isolated, we already have control, they are isolated and well, we are going to wait for the result for this variant.”

The secretary of health said that in Mexico there are 25 confirmed cases of this variant and a significant number of tourists and nationals from the United States are arriving in our country.

“That in the neighboring country, the United States, 73.25% of COVID 19 cases at this time, is this variant. And if our migrant brothers are arriving, where there are caravans that come from there, international flights are arriving, logically, sooner or later they will arrive in Mexico and they have already arrived, there are 25 cases ”, he emphasized.

He recalled that the previous suspected case of this variant was ruled out by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnoses and Reference.

The Secretary of Health of Sinaloa announced that as of January massive tests for the detection of COVID will be applied to foreign tourists.


The Mazatlan Post