After 15 year absence, they resume the San Francisco-Mazatlán flight


Now they work on recovering the line Houston, Texas

MAZATLAN. – After 15 years of suspending the San Francisco – Mazatlan route, the Alaska Airlines company resumed its flights to the Pearl of the Pacific this Saturday. The plane arrived with 150 passengers.

When participating in the opening ceremony, Juan José Ruiz González, Director of Investment Projects of the Secretariat of Tourism of Sinaloa, expressed that it is a very important route for Mazatlán since the San Francisco Bay area and nearby cities represent a market of around 5 thousand people with a very high purchasing power.

“Hopefully we can consolidate this route later, like the flight we have right now from Los Angeles that has daily frequencies in season,” said the Sectur official.

Right now – the flight that comes from San Francisco – will only be on Saturdays, but from January we will have two flights and the idea is to consolidate this route and have more frequencies later, especially in the winter season, he said.

He recalled that the connection with San Francisco was the first route that Alaska Airlines opened with Mexico, so it is good news to recover it.

The Director of Investment Projects affirmed that in terms of air connectivity, Sinaloa has received this year around 3 million passengers in the three airports of the state, and it is expected to close with 3.4 million, with which the figures are almost reached. of 2019.

In terms of maritime connectivity, he commented that the expectation is to close with 55 or 60 cruise ships, and for next year it is expected to reach 160 arrivals, a very good figure if one takes into account that this market had been lost as a result of the pandemic.

In addition, the tourist flow by road is increasing every day and the challenge is to maintain these high levels of influx.

“We must be very happy because foreign tourism that was lost as of 2020 due to the pandemic is beginning to recover, but we must also add that air connectivity grew by 69% mainly because many flights of national visitors are arriving.”

“This is great news, it means that it is really receiving a lot of tourism.”

Asked about the Omicron variant, the official replied that Covid is something we have to learn to live with and health has to be harmonized with the economy so as not to stop promoting tourist activity in all municipalities in Sinaloa.

We are reinforcing protocols such as keeping distance, the use of face masks, the use of gel and the whole society has to support this, in addition to taking care of the capacity in bars and restaurants but we need people in general to take care of themselves and go to get vaccinated, he pointed out.

Source: CAPTA Mazatlán,

The Mazatlan Post