Sinaloa, the leader in farmed shrimp production


The northwest of the country takes the crown in shrimp production

With participation of 40.3% in the national market, Sinaloa is the main producer of farmed shrimp in Mexico and contributes to the recognition of the country in the global aquaculture sector.

The aquaculture sector has taken an important role in the Mexican industry; managing to position itself as the seventh shrimp producer in the world.

Hence, the main producers are in the northwest, mainly in Sinaloa, Sonora and Nayarit. Thanks to the shrimp farms, or aquaculture farms, which have been key in this production.

In the region, Sinaloa is the main producer of farmed shrimp with a participation of 40.3% in the national market, followed by Sonora with 39.7%.

The National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (Conapesca) indicates that in 2021 shrimp production will close at 227 thousand tons; which represents a growth of 3.7%, approximately, compared to 2020.

Of the total, only 22% is harvested from the bays, and the remaining 78% is produced in aquaculture farms, known as shrimp farms.

Regarding the economic contribution, more than a billion dollars are generated in sales through shrimp farming nationally and internationally, being the European Union, the United States, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, and Canada, the main consumers.

In turn, Mexico is the fifth-largest international producer of balanced feed for aquaculture. In Mazatlán and Ahome there are some of the largest companies, being made with fish meal and soy products, according to the Aquaculture Group of the National Council of Manufacturers of Balanced Foods and Animal Nutrition (CONAFAB).


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