Mazatlan historic center best coffee houses


Professor Jirafales would answer “won’t it be too much trouble?” and we answer that coffee is like water, no one is denied it and less if it is through the streets of the Historic Center

MAZATLAN. – There is no way to wake up and enjoy a delicious and fragrant cup of coffee and, above all, freshly roasted, or better yet, one morning while sightseeing or walking through the streets of the Historic Center.  

Remember that a cup of coffee is always good for the soul, in fact, for everything, so we give you a choice of at least five places in the center where you can buy coffee, be it decaffeinated, espresso, latte, with a double shot, and even pot.  

La Mulata  

This little corner of the café is located on Vicente Guerrero street, on the corner with Dr. Carvajal, the smell can be perceived from Teniente Azueta street while you walk. It opens from 9:00 a.m. and has a couple of tables for you to taste your coffee.  

It’s strong? It is the grinding and roasting of the coffee, currently, they are distributed to at least 10 restaurants in Mazatlán, it has Mexican products from Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca, soon it will have from Nayarit.  

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes / Café El Faro

El Faro 

This place has become an icon of coffee, placed for many years in one of the most strategic places in the center, right on the corner of Calle Mariano Escobedo, it is unmistakable and a place of tradition for locals and tourists, especially, foreign.  

It sells refill coffee for 35.00 pesos, frappuccinos, chocolate, lattes, and espresso. It does not have space to sit, but you do not need it, its service is fast and it is a few steps from the Machado square.  

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes / Casa Hindie

Casa Hindie   

The people from Monterrey came to Mazatlán to stay and they did so with a very new project in the port. Casa Hindie is the place where you can have coffee but that specializes in teas, there are even exhibitions, ceviches, breakfasts and meals, being the first restaurant of its franchise.  

It is located on Constitución street, past the Municipal Center of the Arts, its monochromatic colors will relax you, they are very helpful and I am sure you will leave the place with a smile.  

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes / Totem


This coffee since it arrived, has gained popularity in the Mazatlecos, it is on the corner of Ángel Flores and Heriberto Frías, it has style, without a doubt, a variety of coffees and techniques that make it special, such as the Japanese siphon, which works as a technique Heating and cooling of the lower container change the pressure of the water vapor in the lower part.  

It has breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, but also an enviable terrace. They already have a second level of terrace that shows the panoramic view of their surroundings.  

Photo: Fernanda Magallanes / Café Allegro Catedral

Allegro Catedral  

Many know the Allegro, but few know of the existence of a branch behind the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, its design is cozy, and you will find the sign easily hung, like old school. They sell coffees of all shapes, flavored or unsweetened. They manage a food menu between Mexican and American. We recommend the Tecolotita, a cake filled with chilaquiles with chicken.  

Which coffee houses do you think are the best in Mazatlan?


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