Mazatlán City Council violated the rights of the Venados owners and must apologize


Given the violation of the human rights of the concessionaires of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, the Mazatlán City Council must make a public apology.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán city council violated the rights of the concessionaires of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium by denying them operations on the grounds that they had pending payments for the drinking water service and accusing that they had clandestine water connections, reported the Commission of rights Human.

Since 2018, the owners of Teodoro Mariscal have filed a complaint with the ECHR, after the Mazatlán city ​​hall issued their statements in which they reported on this situation.

In a recommendation issued today, the human rights guarantor body made public the dissolution of the case in which public servants are accused of accusing the complainants of having clandestine water connections and of having debts for the drinking water service. These being publicly pointed out by the authorities, who admitted having made such comments.

“The series of statements made by public servants, has resulted in human rights violations to the protection of the honor and reputation of the complainants, in their capacity as family members and the first of those mentioned in their capacity as sole administrator of the concession company of the property, having been publicly identified as unreliable people, who abuse the good faith of the municipal authority, who steal water, even though in this regard, no responsibility was proven, “ said the ECHR in the statement.

Even though the commission affirms that it is not opposed to the investigation, it pointed out that the statement only touched on the responsibility derived from the human rights violations, verifying whether the authorities indicated as responsible acted or not in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, therefore which is addressed directly to the Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

In the statement, the municipal president of Mazatlán was made four recommendations in which he is told to initiate the administrative responsibility procedure in which the facts that are criticized are investigated and that he must keep the ECHR aware of the same. from the beginning of the procedure until the moment of resolution.

On the other hand, they ask him to offer an institutional public apology that includes acknowledging the facts and accepting his responsibility, all in order to restore the dignity and reputation of the victims, at the same time that he is asked to teach a course on the right to the protection of honor among the public servants of his administration to avoid human rights violations.

Finally, they ask all the public servants of the Mazatlán city council to present this recommendation, requesting at the same time proof of compliance with each one of them from the ECHR once each one of them has been carried out.


The Mazatlan Post