Do you know what will be the first public works of 2022 in Mazatlán?


More than 300 million pesos will be allocated for this work

MAZATLÁN.- A 2022 full of public works is what is predicted, and the Mazatlán City Council has already announced which will be the first, it is Emilio Barragán Avenue, which is the continuation of Gabriel Leyva.

Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, director of Social and Municipal Welfare and Development, reported that they want to give it a more “touristy” twist, and what they are looking for is to close circuits so that it matches Gabriel Leyva Avenue.

He expressed that they have already had a meeting to begin to evaluate how it will be done because the tender will be launched first before launching the work proposal because it will carry the water, drainage, lighting, and paving services.

“We are going to start with that one, that is the one that we have most advanced in the negotiations.”


This work will be divided into two stages, the first will run from the Isla de la Piedra jetty to the Integral Port Administration, API, and the second stage will be towards the Lighthouse.

Both parties will have an investment of approximately 150 million pesos, resources that will be provided between the state government and the municipal government.

“An investment proposal, 50 and 50, something like the Gabriel Leyva, Rafael Buelna scheme, where the State Government puts one part and we another

Other works

The municipal official explained that the city council has a package of works that are about to be inaugurated, including bridges, pavements, streets, and green areas.

Some will be able to be inaugurated this year, but since there are too many works, some will be pending by 2022.


The Mazatlan Post