Mazatlan citizens demand a more open government


The monument to The Beatles generated controversy among Mazatlecos, considering that there are other priorities

MAZATLAN. – In order for the government to become more involved in issues of relevance to the population in decision-making, a group of activists from Mazatlan protested in Liverpool alley, where the monument to The Beatles is located.

People belonging to the Mazatlán Consciente collective, who preferred to omit their names, stood up with banners, demanding that there be a municipal sustainable development agenda.

They expressed that although they do not oppose the installation of tourist spots, they did argue that there are other priorities.

“You have to do better management of public resources, where real needs are taken into account,” they indicated.


They stressed that there is currently a dirty water crisis, which is in deplorable conditions throughout the city and has been like this for weeks.

On their posters, you could read some metaphors to the songs of The Beatles.

“There is no longer enough water for all the people and we continue to build, every day there are more condominiums, there are more hotels,” they pointed out.

They also commented that they will be vigilant regarding resources and made it clear that it is not about being against mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, since they have remained critical in previous governments.


The Mazatlan Post