CICLOTOUR MAZATLÁN 2021 ANNOUNCED, find out where and when


-An event that will cause economic impact and tourist spills in Mazatlán.

-The event would start on December 10 and 11, an Australian relay race.

Today during a press conference where different Mazatlan authorities and sponsors of said event attended, to give the official announcement, to what will be the CICLOTOUR MAZATLÁN 2021 soon on December 10 and 11.

Where do you expect others to have such a sports recreation event, that hotel occupancy, and tourism provision services have a high demand.

The social, cultural and sports association CICLOTOUR MAZATLÁN 2021 invited not only people who practice this sport; if not rather to the entire citizenry that they can attend to enjoy the entertainment shows, visit the circuit and enjoy the various stands of their sponsors.

It will begin on December 10 and end on December 11, where the official delivery of the kits to the participants will be made on the first day and on Saturday the 11th at 6:30 in the Mazatlán convention center the official flag of the event.

An Australian relay race with a very limited capacity where 140 or 70 km will be traveled.

Registration can be done at

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