The Magical Town of Cosalá invites you to its Candle Festival


The religious event to be held on December 11 has 300 years of history

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Secretary of Tourism and the city council of Cosalá invite the Festival de las Velas, a unique religious event in the world with more than 300 years of tradition that frames the culture, history and gastronomy of this community.

Mayor Carla Corrales highlighted that the Magic Town of Cosalá offers ecological tourism, culture, hiking, romance, and religious culture.

“In our town, there is much to offer, such as La Fiesta de Velas, which is where we illuminate the path of our Virgin of Guadalupe to enter our homes,” he said.

For his part, the director of tourism of the Magic Town, José Manuel Cebreros, explained that the celebration was born more than 300 years ago, and in it candles are placed on the sidewalks, with the intention that the spirit of the Virgin of Guadalupe it reaches the cosaltecos homes.

“The procession begins at 07:00 in the afternoon, it is a tour of the main streets of the Historic Center of Cosalá, ending at the Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe, with a great show such as mañanitas and mass,” he said. .

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, María del Rosario Torres Noriega, part of the promotion that is done especially to magical towns such as Cosalá

“Cosalá surrounds us with its magic that surrounds us when we walk through its alleys, and above all to be able to enjoy the Festival of Candles on December 11” , he concluded.

The Mazatlan Post