Tropicalia, the Mazatlan bazaar where you will find everything without looking for it


Daniela Rodríguez and Alicia Becerra come together and open the doors of Casa García for you to enjoy next December 2 between its corners, with music, food, drinks, and something more

MAZATLÁN.- The bazaars returned more recharged than ever, they have always existed but it was the pandemic that managed to dust them off and return to the boom of locals with greater force, with an entrepreneurial, sustainable and unique trend.

Little by little and each with their own style, they open the doors to both sellers who are looking for space, who seek to go out to sell and that is not beyond a screen, but also, they welcome people who are looking for a different alternative of purchase, beyond famous and international brands, but something more own. 

This is how Tropicalia Bazar was born, which joins the bazaar route in Mazatlán, and which opens the doors of Casa García so that you can spend a pleasant, relaxed afternoon, amidst people with similar tastes and why not, in an iconic and that perhaps, you did not know inside.

“We want to give that exposure to local entrepreneurs, give them their value; The pandemic made our labor relations very complicated and these bazaars like Tropicalia are a new way of connecting us to each other ”, declared Daniela Rodríguez. 

You locate Casa García perfectly, it is the old house that is between Niños Héroes and Mariano Escobedo corner, you may recognize it because it currently maintains the Presidio restaurant as its main establishment, but, both Daniela and Alicia Becerra, point out that it is more than that, it is an exhibition space for art, entrepreneurship, music, and culture. 

What will you find in Bazar Tropicalia?

Alicia commented that it will be divided into sections, a bar with drinks and live music to entertain, a food area, with local entrepreneurs who seek to enhance their brand and the section of other products, where we will find jewelry, books, art, macramé, clothes, and much more. 

“The idea is that they have a good time, that it be familiar, that they can be here all afternoon and get to know each other, that they give the local the opportunity and consume what they sell,” he said. 

The hours in which they will be from 10:00 to 20:00 in the area of ​​the terraces of Casa García; 30 entrepreneurs will participate, and you will like the space and perhaps you will decide to stay all afternoon.


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