You may qualify to enter and participate in Mazatlan aquarium programs for free


There are three social programs with the aim of supporting the population with limited resources

MAZATLÁN.- Did you know that Acuario Mazatlán has programs that allow you to enter for free? no? Then keep reading and find out how you can be a recipient of this beautiful and great benefit.

According to its director, Pablo Rojo Zepeda, in Aquarium there are three programs that are aimed at supporting the vulnerable population with limited resources, these are programs such as “Knowing my Aquarium”, “From the field to the sea” and “My Inclusive Aquarium ”.

The “Knowing my Aquarium” program was born in 2020 and consists of benefiting schools in the most vulnerable colonies and settlements of the port with admission to the marine institution completely free.

“From the Field to the Sea” is a similar program and with the same objective, only this is applied in the most vulnerable communities in the southern part of the state, with the plus of a walk along the coastal area.

“My Inclusive Aquarium” is a program specialized in caring for groups of people with disabilities and low-income people with cancer or who are undergoing severe medical treatment, with all the aforementioned benefits.

The service provided to them is roundtrip transportation to the door of the educational campus, a guided tour of the Aquarium, a conference on the species, delivery of kits that include a backpack, shirt, cap, water bottle, as well as a snack.

Since the beginning of these programs to date, more than 1,458 students have benefited.

Some of the neighborhoods and communities that benefited are: La Sirena, Santa Teresa, Santa Elena, El Castillo, El Roble, El Recreo, Higueras del Conchi, Villa Unión, and Barrón.

How can I apply for the benefit? All you have to do is send an email with a letter of request to or contact the number (669) 9817816


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