It is here to stay! The first edition of the “Sinaloa Beer Fest 2021” in Culiacán was a great success


Next year it will have more participants from other entities in the country, but always giving preference to local entrepreneurs, announced Harry Gallegos Almaguer, president of the Sinaloa Brewers Association.

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – With the participation of more than 15 state breweries and other guests from other entities, this Saturday the first edition of the ” Sinaloa Beer Fest 2021″ was held at Plaza Punto Cultiva, where attendees tasted 50 types of craft beers, in addition to a rich gastronomy based mainly on meats. 

The event was held from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., where the first 100 people who arrived participated in a workshop to prepare grilled dishes, accompanied by beer, and tasting dishes, as part of the attraction of the organizers. 

While in the tent area, the homebrewing demonstration was given, and the musical part was in charge of the groups Mari Marciana, Pura Flama, El Enfermo, and Pacífico Norte.

In an interview, Harry Gallegos Almaguer, president of the Sinaloa Brewers Association, said that the “Sinaloa Beer Fest 2021” is here to stay and next year it will have more participants, from other entities in the country, but always giving preference to entrepreneurs. local. 

He said that the objective of this event is for people to know what is done in Sinaloa, as it is a fresh and quality product, which tastes better than the national brand.

Sinaloa’s craft brewers can now proudly boast that they have several points of direct sale to the consumer in their factories and in bars and restaurants, even some partners have already opened markets in several states of the country, such as Sonora, Jalisco, and Baja California, for to mention a few, he expressed.

Harry Gallegos, recalled that this association was born informally in 2012, but already formalized in 2020 with 15 partners, although there are more small entrepreneurs in the state, they do not have a product so developed to have a brand.

The co-founder of Cervecería Matachín took advantage of the interview to request the State Government to propose to the local deputies a reform to the Alcohol Law, which allows them to be on equal terms in the procedures for the commercialization of their beverages, as they do currently large companies since they currently generate more than 70 jobs in businesses established in Culiacán, Costa Rica, Eldorado, Mazatlán, Guasave, and Los Mochis. 

“The main objective is that we as independent craft brewers include us in the current regulations, we are not fighting anything new, it is something that already happens in other states as well, the regulations are delayed, it is simply that they include us and voila, we are going to work like everyone else paying our taxes and everything is fine ”, he established.

It should be noted that the brands participating in the “Sinaloa Beer Fest 2021” were Casa Blanca; Acersin; CR; Three Witches, Bichola; Sinaloense Beer Collective; Speakeasy; Door to Heaven; Three Islands; NSR; Matachin; Costa Rica; Saravela; Lirico and Beilan.  

The inauguration event was attended by Edith Zamora, director of the Culiacán Municipal Youth Institute, on behalf of Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro; Berenice Mascareño, Secretary of Economic Development of the City of Culiacán; Carolina Barraza from the Ministry of Economy of the State Government; Miguel Taniyama Ceballos, president of Canirac; José Manuel de las Rivas, leader of the Culiacán Hotel and Motel Owners Association; María Fernanda Manzanares representative of the direction of the State Tourism Secretariat; and Imelda Castro Castro, senator of the Republic.


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