The collapse of the Mazatlan sewage system is an oversight says, Mayor


The municipal president of Mazatlán pointed out that it takes a billion pesos to clean the pipes of the old drainage of the city

The collapse of the Mazatlán drains comes from a problem that has been poorly addressed by municipal governments in the last 60 years, argued President Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, after this morning several streets of the city woke up flooded with black water.

“The problem in Mazatlán is 60 years of corruption, a government that for 60 years forgot that it was necessary to comply with the people,” he said.

He asserted that to solve this problem, the commune needs around one billion pesos, which will be managed before the federal and state governments.

We are going to request the budget, it is approximately one billion pesos.

Benitez Torres

He pointed out that in the first three years of his tenure at the head of Mazatlán, in coordination with Jumapan, the drainage of some sectors of the city has been remodeled.

“In our administration, which has already been the first three years, all the streets that have hydraulic concrete or not, in all of them we put new water pipes and new drainage,” he said.

Given today’s waterlogging, Mazatlán merchants expressed concern about low sales, as the bad odors given off by sewage and puddles made vehicular and pedestrian traffic impossible in some sectors.

Jumapam staff repair damaged section and apply biodigester and oxygen releaser at drain overflow points

Jumapam personnel repair a section of the damaged pipeline that leads the wastewater to the El Crestón Treatment Plant, which caused the drainage overflow at various points in the city, where an oxygen liberator and biodigester are also applied to alleviate the problem. 

The municipal government clarified through a press release that the damage to the 36-inch pipe is due to the age and deterioration of the line. 

It was at dawn on Friday that Jumapam Operations Management personnel began repairing the drainage line, which leads the wastewater to the El Crestón Treatment Plant. 

The General Manager of Jumapam, Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, pointed out that the damage was urgently repaired, in a schedule of low drainage flow, to avoid major problems of spills into the sea and impact on the operation of the Crestón plant. 

For his part, the Operations Manager, Arturo Valverde Hidalgo, acknowledged that while the work is being carried out, venting is occurring in some parts of the city, where oxygen releaser and biodigester are being applied to alleviate bad odors and reduce the risks of Health. 

The instruction they have as paramunicipal is that this type of problems be dealt with immediately, to maintain the proper functioning of the sanitation system and avoid affecting the areas of tourist vocation.

The operation of the El Crestón sewage treatment plant is normalized, after seven hours of repair work on the 36-inch collector that suffered damage as a result of its deterioration and age. 

Jumapam staff carried out cleaning tasks on the streets affected by the accidental spillage of sewage. 

Through a statement, the para-municipal reported that they worked in times with less flow of sewage, including the early morning of this day, since the order was to carry out said repair efficiently and quickly because as the day progresses, the progressively increases the production of wastewater. 

The works finished around 10 in the morning and at that time the pumping equipment of the Cárcamo Playa Sur and the El Crestón Plant were reactivated. 


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