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Goodbye to dust and mud! They invest more than 6 million pesos in the paving of four streets in Mazatlán

The paving work was done with resources from the Contribution Fund for Social Infrastructure and from the City Council.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. –  With the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and ending the mud and dust, the municipal government of Mazatlán invested more than 6 million pesos in the paving and introduction of potable water and drainage networks of four streets in the colonies 12 de MayoAnáhuacSanta Elena and Niños Héroes .

In the opening ceremony, Manuel Moreno González, representative of the Neighborhood Committee thanked the authorities for their support for fulfilling their dream of placing hydraulic concrete on the street of their neighborhood and more because it is a work that they have waited for 40 years.

“I approached the mayor and asked him to please come to the 12 de Mayo neighborhood because the neighbors wanted to greet him and talk with him because we had an unpaved street that has always been paved and that the main avenue of Mazatlán was being paved; there he said to Tonatiuh; “Write him down, let’s go there” and I told my colleagues that and they never believed me, “he said.

The director of Public WorksDaniel Tirado Zamudio specified that the paving works were done with resources from the Contribution Fund for Social Infrastructure and owned by the City Council.

“They are inaugurating Ferrocarril Street, Toronja Street and the Pemex Road Circuit, Privada Internacional and Segunda Emiliano Zapata, together they add up an investment of five million 402 thousand 257 and it is a package of four works, all four quite large,” he explained. 

The new paving and rehabilitation works for the drinking water and drainage lines were carried out on Miguel Ríos Street in the 12 de Mayo neighborhood; in Toronja street in Anahuac, in Ferrocarril street of the Santa Elena neighborhood and International Private street in Niños Héroes.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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