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El Rosario, Sinaloa and its magical places with strange names

The municipality of Rosario has a lot of history from its head to its surrounding towns

El Rosario. – The municipality of El Rosario, Sinaloa, is considered a Magic Town and borders Mazatlán, Concordia, and Durango to the north; to the east with the states of Durango and Nayarit; to the south with Escuinapa and to the west with the Pacific Ocean

This municipality has an important wealth that has been accumulated for more than three centuries, being a town with a mining tradition that was founded in 1655 and managed to reach its greatest political and economic boom during the seventeenth century.

The neighboring towns with the most people are Agua Verde, El Pozole and Apoderado. So they also have some strange names and here we say the name of some.

El Tablón, El Tablón Viejo, El Tablón II, Matatán, Cajón del Verde, Chango Plaza, La Guanera, Charco Hondo, Otate, Zopilote, Chupadero, El Atascadero, Agua Caliente de los Panales, El Piyaco, Ojitos, Coabortita among others.

In addition, it has three indigenous communities, the Totorames, Xiximes, and Acaxees, which produce beautiful handicrafts from pyrotechnics, rustic furniture, pottery, and palm fabrics.

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