Mazatlan’s incredible stuffed flour GORDITAS


It is clear that you know the typical gorditas stuffed with corn, but in this version, they completely innovated with the recipe by creating the typical stuffed gorditas but these are made of “Flour” something that is not very common in the city.

Barbara Guido found a business opportunity in Gorditas and brought a recipe from Coahuila when she traveled to the region to visit a relative, And now he has his place called Gorditas De Harina Rellenas “Laguneras” where he prepares between 6 and 7 kilos of flour daily.

To make delicious dishes and stews and preparations are made at the moment.

A delicious Gordita De Harina that you can order with a stew inside it of:

Pressed pork rinds

Papá con chile

Red roast

Poblano chicken

Egg with chili

Beans with cheese


and more….

Cost of $ 15 pesos each gordita, a fairly accessible and affordable price.

Las Laguneras” from 8:30 in the morning and at 2:00 pm.

You can find them on Av. Río Piaxtla between Calle Infiernillo in front of the Oxxo store.

Dare to try this delicious dish 


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