420 riders participated in Mazatlan’s Gran Fondo cycling challenge


The Gran Fondo event in Mazatlán with cyclists from all over the republic will leave an economic spill of approximately 1.5 million pesos in the City

MAZATLÁN.- With a climate in optimal conditions for the realization of an event of great physical exhaustion at 7:00 am that the tenth edition of the Great Cycling Fund called “All a Great Challenge” was launched, the same as It had as its starting point the sports fleets located on the Cerro del Vigía.

With the presence of 420 riders from different parts of the country, this traditional event was launched, which will cover 70 and 130 kilometers, becoming an adventure on wheels, and for others a great challenge.

Photos: Karyna Sánchez

The weather looked in perfect conditions to carry out the fair in the competition mode, as well as recreational the sporting event will be distributing an economic bag of twenty thousand pesos in cash within the following categories: Elite – Sub 23, Master A, B and C, Juvenil B, Femenil Libre and Montaña Libre, whose participants will enjoy the landscapes offered by the city and its surroundings.


130 kilometers route and mountain:

Controlled departure in front of the sports fleets – Paseo del Centenario, Olas Altas, Paseo Claussen, Avenida del Mar, Avenida Camarón Sábalo, Cerritos, Mazagua, El Habal, La Noria, San Marcos, El Recodo, Cofradía, El Vainillo, airport exit, Isla de la Piedra junction.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

70 kilometers route and mountain:

Controlled departure in front of the sports fleets – Paseo del Centenario, Olas Altas, Paseo Claussen, Avenida del Mar, Avenida Camarón Sábalo, Ricos Café Marina, Liverpool, Libramiento, airport, Isla de la Piedra junction.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez
Photo: Karyna Sánchez
Photo: Karyna Sánchez
Photo: Karyna Sánchez

The peloton of more than 300 competitors toured the entire Mazatlan boardwalk, enjoying the weather, which was ideal for a good ride.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

It was at the height of the Marina bridge that a car was crashed from the front and a tree fell, but that was not an impediment to continue with the walk, when the platoon went down it took different directions.

In the 130-kilometer section, the journey began under a sun that little by little loomed over the city, while the competitors began to eat on the route.

Already at the height of Cerritos heading towards Mazagua, it was observed how the contingent of cyclists began to separate into groups.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

At the height of El Habal, the cyclists began to show the first ravages of the competition, and hydration was present.

The weather remained perfect throughout the journey, where you could appreciate nature as the ideal setting for the journey.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Passing through La Noria and San Marco, picturesque towns, people came out to support the cyclists who were speeding up.

It was in the section of El Recodo when it began to be noticed that the Norson team took the lead, while a man cooked the cards for more after a while.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

The event continued its course passing through the Brotherhood, El Vainillo, and leaving through the airport until crossing the finish line at the Isla de la Piedra junction.

Gran Fondo tests the resistance of cyclists; Norson team wins

 A competition of great resistance, skill and emotions was the one that the cyclists lived within the Gran Fondo in its tenth edition that started from Cerro del Vigía and ended on Isla de la Piedra.

It was the Elite Sub 23 competition, where the Norson team from El Rosario once again shone in the fair teaching because they have become protagonists over the years.

What seemed to be a quiet competition for Ulises Marcia, turned into the opposite, as Rodrigo and Víctor Romero appeared on his journey. 

Photos: Karyna Sánchez

Rodrigo and Víctor worked as a team to tire their rival, until they finished leading the pack by themselves, which gave the Norson team the victory. 

The place of honor went to Rodrigo Romero, while Víctor Romero was awarded the second and the third place went to Ulises Marcia. 

The free women’s category was full of suspense since the separation of the peloton, between Yazmín Flores and Fernanda Kelly.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Everything would be defined until the last breath, where Flores would take absolute glory, while Kelly settled for second position, and Maríam Valdez achieved third place. 

Other results 


Armando Venezuela 

Victor Lava

Victor Rodriguez 

Master’s degree 

Ulises Garcia 

Antonio Garcia 

Francisco Moreno 

Youth A

America Araujo

Dylan camacho 

Keonel Villanueva

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