Mazatlan citizens annoyed by water shortages


According to the Mayor, Conagua would be about to begin the reconstruction of the irrigation canal that had been broken by the rains during Hurricane Nora, leaving 90 percent of the colonies in the port without water.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlecos expressed their opinion about the shortage of water that will occur or is already occurring in almost the entire port.

In a survey carried out by Reacción Informativa, most of those interviewed stated that not having drinking water puts them in a rather difficult situation, since water is essential for daily life.

“How can it be possible that they leave the main colonies without water, it is essential for anything, the Government should take measures, because it is something that happens often,” said Gloria María, a resident of the Urías neighborhood.

“The excuse they give is supposed to be that the pipes break with storms, that’s what they say, but they don’t warn us before,” added Raúl, a settler of Sánchez Celis, who also said he had no water for two days. .

The shortage will officially begin on November 20, however, as the Mazatlecos commented, there are some colonies in which they have been without the vital liquid for several days.

“We have not had water for three days, and the trouble is that they do not issue a warning” shared two inhabitants of the Colonia Libertad de Expresión.

What bothers people the most is the fact that they release these jobs on short notice, without giving them time to prepare for these days.


The Mazatlan Post