Mazatlán is in a ‘position’ to compete with International Expos and Conventions


He stressed that as the entire tourism sector and the municipality benefit at the same time, opening the business and conference tourism market could generate up to 700 million pesos that would be distributed in each of the sectors involved.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – With the growth in tourism as had not been seen before and a study that supports it, the creation of an Expos and Convention Office in Mazatlán could generate up to 700 million pesos in economic income, thus managing to compete against large cities at the level national, reported Alfredo Ruelas Solís, president of the Council for Economic Development in southern Sinaloa.

In an interview for Informative Reaction, Ruelas Solís explained that the impulse of this project dates from 2016, after observing the importance of business tourism and conventions, in addition to the high demand of businesses for having an exclusive space in which to develop events.

For this, the president mentioned, it was imperative to prepare a study to demonstrate the profitability of the project.

“The studies were done, we met with the municipality (…) The Office of Congresses and Conventions is totally profitable, we made all the models; the internal rate of return, the famous IRR, gave us the result that for each peso invested it will generate 20 pesos, at the present value of 2019-2020, we have to update this, the profitability is more than proven “, highlighted Ruelas Solís.

He stressed that by benefiting the entire tourism sector and the municipality at the same time, opening the market for business tourism and congresses could generate up to 700 million pesos that would be distributed in each of the sectors involved, that is, transporters, restaurants, hoteliers, etc., in addition to the fact that the port would not be subject to receive the exclusive income of the high seasons, but that even in the low season the spill would be considerable.

“The congress and convention market here in Mazatlán could generate around 700 million pesos for us, in the tourism sector, not in the Convention Center; I mean restaurants, hotels, tours, shops, the whole umbrella that covers the tourism sector ”, he said.

“We believe and affirm that the profitability of having a expos and Convention Office in Mazatlán is more than approved, we have the numbers. We, as Codesin, have already asked the new Secretary of Tourism to meet with her so that, with numbers, we can show her and ask for her support to continue promoting this great project ”, added Ruelas Solís.

Likewise, he added that each developing city has its own Expos and Convention Office, such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, or Mérida, where the Tianguis Turístico is currently being held.

“Business internationally and nationally, convention tourism is enormous and other large cities in the country are already working with Congress and Convention offices and we need to get on that same modern vehicle to be in a position to compete with them”, he applied.


The Mazatlan Post