Guava pies arrived at the Mazatlán International Airport


A new branch of the Panama pastry shops arrived at the airport terminal, it is Cake House, which in addition to selling you a slice, will also offer you coffee while you wait for your boarding time

MAZATLÁN.- The Mazatlán International Airport, in addition to diversifying into national and international flights, also diversifies into shops, opening Cake House, a branch of Panama Pastry Shops, which in addition to selling you the full pie or cake, will have tables for you to enjoy. some slice and a cup of coffee. 

Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel, General Manager of the airport, mentioned that this is a new opportunity to make your boarding wait more enjoyable, which is complemented by other businesses in the place and which he is convinced will generate good results due to the popularity of pastry shops and restaurants. . 

“It will have products of all kinds that are in the Panamanian patisseries, 100 percent from Sinaloa and we are sure that they will be of great acceptance by our passengers, both national and international. We seek to create a new experience and meet the demand ”, he declared. 

Guava pie, Swiss cheese, bread of different variety, fruit or chocolate, donuts and even their sauces to prepare food will be on sale, adding the touch of a couple of tables to have a coffee, if your flight was delayed, you know where to distract yourself. 

Ramírez del Ángel pointed out that this strengthens the mobility that is emerging at the airport, which he estimates will close the year with more than 1 million passengers circulating in the area. 

Where could it be?

The Cake House cafeteria will be located in the ambulatory area on the ground floor, within the facilities of the Mazatlán International Airport, which so far is the only airport in the state that has a branch of this company.


The Mazatlan Post