Slowly, RVs return to the port of Mazatlán


After the reopening of the border with the United States and Canada, the winter season begins with a slow flow of these units

MAZATLÁN.- More than a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional mobile homes in Mazatlán are already beginning to be seen, coming from the northern countries, although their number is still very low, this was announced by José Ricardo Picos Quintero, coordinator of Ángeles Verdes in Mazatlán.

He commented that the arrival of visitors is because they are looking for a warm climate, and although they almost always arrive since October, at present not many houses of this type have been observed.

With the arrival of the long weekend, due to the revolutionary festivities, the coordinator of said agency stated that the active road routes are mainly connected by the Durango-Mazatlán road, and so far they have circulated to the city without complications.

“Let us remember that they come to Mexico for six months, but because the doors of the United States have hardly been opened, they have been affected and the arrival of mobile homes is slowly, just beginning to look at one or the other,” he said.

The low flow of these visitors to the city, as well as to the beaches of Celestino Gazca, in Elota is equivalent to two percent compared to other years due to the pandemic.

Finally, he said that the damaged section of the Culiacán-Mazatlán highway is still under repair, after the passage of past hurricanes; For its part, the Mazatlán-Durango is in perfect condition.


The Mazatlan Post