The F1 is a frivolous event that only gives access to white people says, Estefanía Veloz


The activist and host was criticized on social networks for her comments against the Mexican Grand Prix, after stating that it only gives access to the elite and white people.

Estefania Veloz a Morenista and also known as #LadyPigmentocracia

Estefanía Veloz, feminist activist, lawyer, and former Morena activist criticized the attendees of the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix, considering it a frivolous event, which caused the annoyance of several social media users.

In her Twitter account, the also television host and political analyst stated that the Formula 1 event only gives access to the country’s upper class, “which is obviously white

“I hold my opinion on Formula 1 and the pigmentocracy. It is a frivolous event that only the elite of the country which is evidently white has access,” he wrote.

In the same publication, users of social networks answered that several of them went to the event and do not belong to the upper class or are white, while others showed them Mario Delgado, the national president of Morena, at the event.

While others indicated that their comment was correct and several more assured that the event was boring.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of the government of Mexico, during the three days of the event, the arrival of 188 thousand national and foreign tourists in the capital of the country was reported.

In addition, it achieved a hotel occupancy throughout the city of 63.7 percent, while in the areas near the Autodromo it reached 97 percent and registered the arrival of 188 thousand national and foreign tourists in the capital of the country, according to the Secretariat of Tourism of the government of Mexico.

In making a breakdown of the spill, the agency explained that:

  • In the case of lodging, they were 192.1 million pesos.
  • Two thousand 183 million pesos were generated by tourist services.
  • The media coverage amounted to seven billion pesos, as this event was broadcast to 200 countries.
  • In addition to 5 billion pesos for other items, such as ticket sales and souvenir sales , according to data from the event organizers.

According to the organizers of Formula 1, during the weekend 372 thousand fans came to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez to witness the car races, where, among others, the Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez participated.   

The authority estimated that the spill generated by tourist services (2,183 million pesos) is equivalent to the income for one year of 75 percent of the workers currently registered in accommodation services at the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

And in the case of the spill generated by lodging (192.1 million pesos) is equivalent to the rent of 137 thousand rooms per night in hotels in Mexico City.


Mexico Daily Post