Grupo ArHe takes possession of Mazatlan’s municipal parking lot


The property was part of the agreement negotiated by the City Council to pay part of the debt of 141 million pesos for the Nafta case

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Finally, the ArHe Group took possession of the municipal parking lot located on Mariano Escobedo Street, which entered into the agreement negotiated by the City Council as part of the payment of the 141 million pesos debt for the Nafta case.

This Tuesday, the personnel hired by this company, which rejected that it was from the Constructora Coseco, of the ArHe Group, painted the facade white to erase the “Municipal Parking” sign, the door black and inside, some vehicles owned by the municipality.

In addition, they prevented entry to the council members who had already begun to leave their vehicles there.

Councilor Francis Osuna confirmed that this Tuesday he was denied access.

“There is no access, nothing else, without any explanation. I tried to enter as we have done every day, but that was not allowed today, “he explained.

He commented that the man at the entrance only told him that there was no entrance, so he went to another parking lot.

For its part, the councilor América Carrasco Valenzuela, acknowledged that so far they have not had a view of the agreement or agreement that was signed with the ArHe Group for the payment of the debt for 141 million pesos.

He added that they know what everyone knows, that the debt comes from past administrations and that it has to be paid in kind and the other part in cash.


The Nafta case dates from February-March 2012 when the City Council authorized a land-use opinion and a permit in favor of the Nafta Lubricantes company to build a gas station in the Palos Prietos neighborhood.

As it could not be built due to an amparo sentence, the company filed a lawsuit against the City Council that it won in June 2016, for which the municipality was left with a debt of 141 million 802 thousand pesos, for damages in favor of Nafta, which began to be paid last year, in cash and with some land and properties.


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