Conselva bet on a Sustainable Tourism Law that promotes Mazatlán


Conselva proposes the creation of a Destination Management Body that works as an entity with society and the government to direct the destination at an international level

MAZATLÁN.- In Sinaloa, it is time to update and reform the Tourism Law, for the new Legislature to take up the issue and to work on the creation of a Destination Management Agency to enhance and increase its competitiveness at the international level, said Sandra Guido Sanchez. 

The executive director of the civil association Conselva mentioned that this body articulates all the initiatives aimed at this sector, from the municipal to the federal level, with specific goals that improve conventional tourism, but also fashion tourism and that little by little becomes stronger, environmental, ecological and sustainable tourism. 

“You have to see this with a much more inclusive look and I believe that progress can be made in this Legislature, it is a necessity, tourism has already changed us, the market has changed us, so we need to move forward and in terms of sustainability it is a demand and therefore it cannot be left behind nor can it be isolated ”, he declared.

Guido Sánchez pointed out that in Mexico another of the destinations that works in this intersectoral body is the Riviera Maya area, however, the advantage of Mazatlán is that it already has a diagnosis and an action plan to start it up and thus work to certify, becoming the first tourist and beach destination to obtain it.  

Photos: Karyna Sánchez

He added that there are still around 40 kilometers of beach north of Mazatlán that can be protected and enhanced for sustainable tourism and thus complement the destination since two of the criteria that came out lowest in said diagnosis were environmental and social issues. 

“What we need is to integrate, right now we are competing with other destinations, what would differentiate us, being able to meet international criteria and that we are certified, then yes, we would have the ability to have this competitiveness”, he commented.

The DMOs are a public-private coordination system, which has the decision-making capacity, with technical foundation and executive management to be able to promote programs, projects and strategies for the development of a specific territory, they have the objective of achieving a formal structure of management and planning of a tourist destination. 

The Destination Management Organization is managed internationally, countries such as Spain, the Arab Emirates, France, and others, already have this certificate that has generated organizational leadership in a public-private group through the participation of government agencies, unions from the private and business sector and from the local community. 


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