They make recycling possible, Mazatlan’s Grupo Compete celebrates 8 years of work


Socially responsible companies come together to take care of the environment and support children with cancer

MAZATLÁN.- With the formation of 14 Mazatlan responsibility companies and eight years of work, the Grupo Compete, made up of 8 associates and 30 more donors, to date has recycled 60 tons of PET and 16.8 million bottle caps that are equivalent to stop emitting around 192 tons of carbon dioxide and saving 2.4 million liters of water.

In addition, 1,583 braids have been accumulated to make 105 wigs for girls with cancer. 

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The founder and administrator of the group, Jorge Sánchez García, commented that the main beneficiary of Compete is the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa, based in Culiacán, where patients without social security arrive from all over Sinaloa. 

“The braids are donated that are immediately sent to the Mexico Telethon, for the elaboration of the wigs, between 1 to 30 braids are required each, the group pays 500 pesos for the making of each wig,” he said. 

Likewise, donations in kind are made such as lamps, sterilizers, pediatric scales, stethoscopes, industrial blender, oxygen tank, toys, wheelchairs, pressure gauge, gloves, pocket knives, boots, among other things.

The program involves all the collaborators of the companies that make up the group and their families, with the installation of collection centers in each workplace, as well as support for campaigns.


The Grupo Compete began on June 6, 2013, with the vision and mission of raising awareness in society about caring for the environment, firstly with the program “Donate PET and save lives and save the planet”; hand in hand with plastic recycling, over the years two more programs were added: “Donate Tapas and save lives”, as well as “Let’s make smiles”.

“Grupo Compete has three programs with the clear idea of ​​helping the Culiacán Pediatric Hospital, supporting children with cancer throughout the year, working with all three programs,” said Jorge Sánchez.

He explained that during the year 2019 the collection of bottle caps has been the best, with 5 million 719 thousand 180 pieces, as in the donation record it had the highest peak, with 599 braids; For its part, in the PET collection, there was a slight increase compared to 2018, accumulating 1,259 kilograms. 

The head of the group mentioned that during 2020 there was a drop in the collection of plastic and donation of braids due to social confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the reopening of non-essential activities, the Trenzatapatón was carried out with all the sanitary measures. 

In 2020 they managed to collect 1,711 kilograms of PET and 3 million 410 thousand 970 kilos of bottles, as well as the donation of 310 braids in total, during the 8 years of the program, 14 thousand 970 kilos of PET plastic have been recycled, 16 million 850 thousand 400 caps and one thousand 583 braids have been donated, with the latter around 105 wigs have been made.


The first Grupo Compete was formed in the city of Mazatlán, but with the passage of time it has grown, and currently, they already operate in three more centers in Sinaloa: Guasave, Los Mochis, and Guamúchil, and one more is about to open in Culiacán.

For its part, outside of Sinaloa, a Grupo Compete is located in Hermosillo, Sonora.

He added that within Compete we do not speak of company representatives, since they are not individuals or a single foundation, but rather a group made up of collaborators from various companies that join the non-profit altruistic work.

Particiapant enterprises:

Industrias Marino SA de CV 


The Inn Hotel Group

Polytechnic University of Sinaloa 

Industrial Maz 

Aztec Fishing 


Consultants and Associates

PMM messaging 

Pinsa Congeladora

Sugar foods 



SAM College

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