Retired American assassinated in Sinaloa


The man shot to death south of Culiacán was a retired American citizen

This person was killed by several bullets by unknown persons outside a house in the La Esperanza neighborhood.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The man who was executed Monday night in the Colonia La Esperanza, in the south of Culiacan, proved to be an American citizen who was retired.

The data provided by the authorities indicate that the murdered person was identified with the name of Adolio “F”, around 50 years old, who was left lifeless outside a house that is located at the end of José María Yáñez street and Laureles street, in the La Esperanza neighborhood.

Neighbors reported that Adolio spent time at the home where he was found dead.

The place where the American citizen was murdered was attended by Red Cross paramedics, who tried to give him first aid, but he no longer had vital signs.

Municipal Police were in charge of putting the yellow tape for the protection of signs and evidence.

An expert from the General Directorate of Expert Investigation came to attest and has already begun to integrate the evidence into the investigation folder on this unfortunate fact.


The Mazatlan Post