Have you met an influencer closely? He is Erick Santoyo and he’s in Mazatlán


The influencer originally from San Luis Potosí currently makes motivational videos, with the main objective of inspiring those who need to hear some positivity.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In an interview with Erick Santoyo he commented that his journey through social networks began more than four years ago, at first together with his brothers, better known as ‘Los ADN’, however, he decides to give it a twist to his approach by starting to make these videos.

‘Shut up and listen’ is the name he gave to the section that began with motivational lectures, to later become videos which he shares through his social networks for his followers and anyone who wants to listen to them.

“I have never liked people to decline, because there are people with a lot of potential and from time to time we all have downturns in life, so if I can help in a certain way, of course I will,” he commented.

The public quite likes these videos, since they carry an important message that each person interprets in their own way and serves them in their day-to-day life, which is exactly what Erick is looking for when sharing this kind of content.

“I believe that it costs no one anything to say good morning, to smile at someone, that we all forget and empathy is what makes the difference in society,” he added.

El Potosino ended by giving advice to all those who would like to venture into the world of social networks, inviting them to work hard for their dreams and do not give up when it comes to achieving them.