Mazatlán city council appointed new officials without the mayors’ participation


In the absence of the mayor, it was the councilmen of the Governance Commission who took the protest to the new officials

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Finally, in the arm wrestling game, the City Council was victorious, and in the absence of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who insisted that the extraordinary session remained suspended, the council members elected the new treasurer, municipal secretary and senior official.

In addition, they issued instructions to the head of the Internal Control Body, Rafael Padilla Díaz, to take charge of the reception delivery process with the new municipal officials as soon as possible.

After the police at one of the entrances to the Municipal Palace wanted to prevent access to the media, which was condemned by the councilors themselves, the second extraordinary session of the Cabildo began, with the presence of 8 of the 12 councilors and which the mayor Benítez Torres did not attend either.

“Wait for the surprise,” Councilor América Carrasco Valenzuela told the media.

This time, it was the councilor Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga who led the baton and read and took each section of the order of the day to the letter.

Subsequently, he gave the voice to the councilor América Carrasco, who read the minutes and the legal bases based on the regulations of the same Municipal Government Law to carry out this extraordinary session.

He reported that in the last extraordinary session number one last Monday, the Government Commission decided, in the absence of the Municipal President for the presentation of the proposals of new officials, that obligation was left unfulfilled, passing the City Council to exercise the power constitutionally to designate the positions of secretary of the City Council, treasurer, and senior official, for the good governance of the municipality.

He argued that Benítez Torres, upon leaving extraordinary session number 1, declared recess on two occasions and left the session without exercising his right to propose, this left the procedure provided for in the Municipal Government Law, as well as its regulations, in a state of indefiniteness. for the Cabildo (Regidores) to exercise in accordance with Article 125 of the Constitution, appoint the holders of the City Council secretariat, treasurer and senior official.

It was up to the mayor of Morena Roberto Rodríguez to take the protest of the law and they were given the power to defend the interests of the municipal government when required.


The Mazatlan Post